Join the fight for Labour!

Walton needs a Labour government. Our community has faced the brunt of Tory cuts to our NHS, schools, social care and council services.

All over the country, communities like ours need a Labour government. Thursday 8 June is our chance to send a message to the Tories that we need investment (not cuts). We need Labour's plan for a well-funded public NHS, a secure future for our councils, and a plan for an economy that works for the many - not just the few.

Dan Carden is fighting for a fair deal for Walton. Local residents are joining the fight to spread the word and deliver a Labour government on 8 June.

Get involved now: whether you put a poster in your window, deliver leaflets to your street or join the local doorstep campaign team, it's our collective effort that will deliver a Labour victory on 8 June.